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We have summer here, that wonderful time of year, with long days, warmth and sunshine. Whether we have holidays or not, whether we go out of town or not, we all like to make the most of this season. It is an ideal time to practice outdoor sports and, above all, water sports.

In today’s post we want to talk to you about some of these sports, so that you know what are the benefits of their practice and so on to encourage you to practice some of them during this summer.


You could say he’s the king of summer sports. No matter how many new sports have appeared, surfing is still the best known. It’s clear that if we’ve never surfed before, we can’t expect to ride huge waves overnight and look like TV surfers. But, little by little, we can begin to practice it and enjoy all its benefits.

This sport teaches us to be patient, since the wave we want will not always come, or it will give us time to catch it, so patience is the key. As for the physical, surfing increases muscle strength, flexibility and improves balance and coordination.

You can’t imagine the coordination and balance you need just to stand on the board. Once standing, all the muscles of the body work, since in order not to fall off the board we have to be with all the muscles tense, which helps to tone them up.

But surfing is not only a sport, everyone who practices it considers it a lifestyle. Usually surfers have a special connection with nature, are usually very respectful of the environment and tend to give off very good vibes.

If you are interested in surfing, here in Vitoria we have it complicated, but less than an hour we have a lot of beaches, with good waves and a lot of surf schools. Without going any further, Zarautz is very close to us and is one of the Meccas of surfing.

In the surf schools themselves you can rent the surfboard and wetsuit, and you can also do some courses. The price varies according to the school, but surely you will find one that fits your budget or preferences.


Not many years ago this sport broke into our lives, and has become one of the most practiced in summer. The paddle surf or SUP (Stan Up Paddle) consists of standing on a board and must be propelled with a paddle to advance. The good thing about this sport is that you can practice it both at sea and in swamps, where it is also easier to stand on the board.

It’s perfect for improving your balance, as it’s very difficult to hold on without falling. It also works the arms, abdominals and thighs, thus toning almost the entire body. This sport can burn many calories, whether you control it or not.

To practice it here nearby we have it easier than with surfing, since we can do it in the swamp of Ullibarri-Gamboa or Sobrón. In both places there is an operator where you can rent the equipment and also do some courses. Sup-Paddle Surf Vitoria is the club that was founded in our city recently and operates in the swamp. Aventura Sobrón is the company that operates in Sobrón.


Snorkeling is precisely that, diving with the help of a tube that helps us breathe. It is cheaper than scuba diving and can be done without prior training and in many stretches of water.

They say that snorkeling is one of the most relaxing activities. Floating in the water and being able to enjoy the marine flora and fauna is a privilege. We stop hearing noises from the outside and become part of an underwater universe. The warm water also provides a feeling of calm and relaxation.

A continuous practice helps to improve the respiratory capacity. Maintaining the balance in the water and the coordination that swimming requires will improve our psychomotor ability and spatial orientation. Being a practice that constantly requires an effort to be overcome in order to move freely in the water makes these small steps generate confidence in oneself.

To practice it this summer you don’t need much: a pair of diving goggles and a snorkel. You can do it in the sea, but also in the swamp, although it is necessary to recognize that in the sea it is more spectacular, for the plants and animals that are seen. The fins are optional, but they will help you to move more easily.


Swimming is a sport that needs no introduction. You can also practice it in winter in indoor pools, but you have to take advantage of this time of year when you can swim outdoors, both in pools, and in swamps, as in the sea. This sport is recommended for any age, from babies of months to older people and even pregnant women.

In this sport the whole body is exercised and, provided it is done well (this is important), it is beneficial for the back. Swimming is the ultimate endurance activity. And it is because it forces you to move continuously.

And is that whether you move forward or if you remain suspended in the water, you are in continuous movement, so that aerobic exercise is performed constantly, which is beneficial for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Another benefit of this sport is that it is not very aggressive with the joints, so it prevents injuries and helps you recover.

It is also a relatively inexpensive sport. The necessary equipment is as simple as a cap, mandatory in almost all pools, glasses, recommended to protect against chlorine (salt or UVA rays if you swim in the sea) and a bathing suit.

In addition, at El Boulevard Shopping Centre we are fortunate to have among our facilities the Hydra gymnasium, which includes a swimming pool with different possibilities. Among its services, it offers interesting options such as swimming courses for babies, children and adults.

In addition to the Aipap method for pregnant women, a method taught by midwives where you will improve your physical fitness and your ability to have a normal delivery.


Aquagym is a type of aquatic fitness whose exercises focus on muscle toning, repetitions and working with different materials, such as weights or balls, among others.

In essence, aquagym tries to transfer to the aquatic environment the physical work that is done on land, taking advantage of the possibilities that the new environment provides. It is usually carried out in shallow pools (from 1.20 m to 1.50 m), although it can also be carried out in other types of pools.

It contributes to improving strength, resistance to strength (as we work against water), joint mobility and helps tone muscles. It also helps to improve proprioception, that is to say, to be more aware of our body, since in water we have to maintain balance and move in a different environment.

This sport is indicated for people who are overweight, with hypertension, with joint problems and for those who are recovering from injuries.

In our city we have many options to practice aquagym, both in the civic centers and in many of the gyms. Although you can also practice it on your own, taking advantage of the holidays. In order to do this we give you an outline of what a class could be:

Pre-stretching: like when you are going to practice any sport, you have to warm up beforehand to stretch your muscles and adapt your body to the activity you are going to do.

Contact with water and first exercises: get the body accustomed to contact with water. You will carry out the first exercises and you will gradually increase your demands.

Aerobic exercise: it is the most demanding part and where the exercises are carried out that will require a greater effort, always adapting the rhythm and demand to your possibilities and needs. The objective is to get the body used to the exercise and benefit from it, not to force too much and injure you.

Stretching and Relaxation Exercises: you end the class by returning to calm, stretching and relaxing your body, so you’ll get out of the water as good as new!