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If you are active and in summer you like to do different things (basically what winter doesn’t let you do) then to your summer vacation you have to add some of these activities. Water sports are the perfect complement to your summer rest days if you are going to do rural tourism.

Some are more popular than others, some require a lot of adrenaline rush and others quieter, but all perfect for spending time this summer.


Although thanks to the formation of our country we have many kilometers of coastline, not all are suitable for surfing. Due to the conditions of the Cantabrian Sea it is one of the best areas to practice it. However, the Canary Islands also witness the annual arrival of travellers from all over the world to take advantage of the waves that are usually born in the archipelago.

Surfing can be dated more than 500 years ago in Polynesia, a tradition that has been exported to the rest of the world becoming a true sporting discipline. There are countless variants and techniques, so if you are willing to practice this activity.


One of the most fun sports if you practice it with a group of friends. But in addition to entertainment, you have to be very careful to follow the recommendations and advice of the monitor that goes with you on the raft. Cross the slopes of the river, follow the technique that the instructor will teach you at the beginning of the descent and above all be very careful not to fall into the river.

Many of these channels where it is practiced barely have depth and if you fall you will not have any danger. Also in the equipment, apart from the neoprene you have a vest that facilitates the stability on the water.


If there is one test par excellence that captivates canoeing enthusiasts, it is the Descent of the Sella. In its more than 80 editions, the participants continue to multiply. It is practiced on a boat that can be propelled by two, three or even four people.

There are also several modalities. One of them is the calm water where you can do up to 12,000 meters. There is also whitewater descent or marathon canoeing.


Here adventure and risk are guaranteed. It combines cave exploration with hiking or diving. Waterfalls from different heights are also part of coasteering.

It is a very fun sport to practice with friends and take advantage of the early morning to try to practice as many activities as possible.

Since 1990 this practice has been gaining strength reaching all parts of the world.


If you are really passionate about the seabed, swimming among fish and discovering the beauty of the underwater flora, diving is the activity that cannot be missing from your plans this summer.

Although it is also known as scuba diving and diving, diving has been the most common name for this activity.

Thanks to the documentaries that have been filmed under the sea, we have been able to see the enormous beauty that hides under the sea. And much of this we owe to Jacques Cousteau and the recordings he made over so many years.

Hobbyists can practice it with a scuba, which allows them to stay underwater longer and go further inland, reaching a depth of up to 40 metres.

Water Skiing

If you have balance, this is your summer sport. Getting stable on two skis at the same time that you’re being dragged with a scooter or boat is a real adventure. Those who are accustomed and know, come to make spectacular maneuvers.

Without ruling out those who are able to make figures while leaning on a single ski. This modality is valued by judges who are scoring the different figures. It is interesting to note that it was an exhibition sport at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.


If you have noticed, in the last years (especially in 2017) this activity was in all the magazines especially from the heart because there were many celebrities who dared with this practice. To practice it you need an air-slide board propelled by pressurized water which allows you to rise above the water and practically fly.

This activity began to be practiced in autumn 2012 and since then has been gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. It is undoubtedly one of the best options to have fun if you are able to stay up for a long time.

We have made a video with all these activities so that in less than two minutes you know a little more about them.