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If, like me, Friday night is for you the “golden” pretext to go out to a restaurant with friends and you love Japanese food… Yes, Japanese food, the real thing. Take my advice and go enjoy the madness that invades the Kinka Izakaya restaurant not far from downtown!


A good advice friend, don’t do like me, who by pure naivety told me that on a Friday evening (of course) there would be nobody and that a table of 4 for 20h will wait for you with good pleasure… No, no… False hopes! Know that you can book the same day until 6pm to avoid this small inconvenience, and I advise you to do it especially during the weekend.

Following my mistake and after an hour of waiting (yes, we were really motivated) the doors finally open and here we are installed illico presto. It’s only after sitting down right in front of the “chef cuisto” (because you have to know, it’s an open kitchen) that I realize the imposing atmosphere of this restaurant.

For the moment, it is a rather strange mix of “feng-shui” spirit, “nightclub” atmosphere and “japanese street”. You don’t get along too well, at least on Friday night in “Saturday night fever” mode, between the music, the hubbub and the waiters announcing orders at the top of their lungs… It’s not really the place for a first date, if you know what I mean. Unless you have Barry White’s trunk! But hey, it makes the atmosphere very festive!


And the food in all this!?

If for you Japan rhymes with Sushi then stop reading immediately. Yes, because Japan is not only sushi and if you have the chance to visit this fabulous country, you will quickly realize that sushi is actually commonplace. What was a real surprise is that this restaurant is quite similar to what we experienced in Japan and it allowed me to get back in touch with this culinary identity.

A simple and tasteful cuisine! That’s all I expect from this kind of restaurant. To tell the truth, you might be disappointed by one thing, it’s the “frying” trend that has been added to the menu and which, for me, is totally out of the question. But hey… Honestly, you get seduced quickly.

And don’t forget to accompany your dishes, don’t hesitate to ask them for their range of sake assortments! A real treat and a superb discovery for you who only know sake in your favorite manga! And if you are well motivated and hot, you can also try the Japanese version of the jägerbomb (go ahead and try it!).


To tell you the truth, my boyfriend knew Japan in its bowels and he confirmed that if you want to taste the identity of the new trendy Japanese restaurants, go ahead without fear: this restaurant is THE right address!

I promise, between the dishes, the atmosphere created by the waiters, being greeted by the whole team when you enter or leave the restaurant and the possibility to see them working while keeping the smile, you won’t be disappointed!! And yes, it’s like the limit in New Japan!

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